Asset Value Projection
This program will project value of funds, based upon:

Incomes are represented by positive amounts and expenses by  negative amounts.
Inflation is expressed as a percentage, e.g. 3, meaning 3%.
Percent yield and percent change also represent percentage, and may be related to the inflation by either referring to it as +n mean inflation +n,  or as *n meaning inflation times n.   For instance if inflation was 3% and health care cost are expected to rise twice as fast as inflation then its % change figure is *2.  Also if returns on investment is expected to be inflation +4%, then its yield would be +4.  In either case an actual number would have meant that it was not related to inflation.  Non recurrent incomes and expenses would have starting and/or ending dates associated with them.

When all the data is input, click on the table to see the projection.