Software by Serge Loussarian
The following software may be downloaded and tried for a period of 1 month, and after that time a permanent version may be obtained for the listed price.  The Consignment Tracking System requires the on-site availability of Microsoft Access.   See Conditions of use below.  


Consignment Tracking System
Tracks inventory,  sales, and amounts due to/from consignors
Locates survey points using coordinate geometry functions (COGO), adjusts  traverses and calculates areas. Horizontal alignment.
Assists in solving cryptograms, and word jumbles, solves 9x9 or 16x16 sudoku puzzles, either fully or in steps.
Calculates and prints mortgages, calculates yields of fixed or varied income streams, and projects financial positions given annual incomes and expenses and making allowance for inflation.

These programs have been thoroughly tested, but as with any software system, may not be completely free of errors. I will only give assurances that when notified I will resolve such problems as soon as possible. By downloading and using these programs, you are giving your implicit agreement to absolve the author of these programs of any liabilities, financial or otherwise.