Financial Tools
Mortgage Calculation
The input area can accommodate up to 3 different payment conditions, each with its own term and interest rate.  By far the majority of cases need only one, where the interest rate does not vary and the loan is unchanged for the term.

If payments are known, the program will use them; otherwise it will calculate the payment on the basis of interest rate and term. Options for the output are:
Yield Calculation

The program calculates a yield when a beginning and ending dates, and beginning and ending values are known.  On the other hand if yield is known together with the beginning date and value and the ending date, it will calculate the ending value.  The yield is based on monthly compounding.

If instead of a fixed beginning amount, we have a stream of money at regular or irregular intervals, these can be input into a text file in the application folder, called "Yield.txt", and the file option is selected.   The format for the file should be a series of dates and amounts separated by a comma, thus:

On the other hand if input stream is a repetition of amounts entered at regular intervals, you can enter the first one as above followed by a line that tells it to  repeat it, thus:

The second line has the key word "repeat", followed by the number of repetitions, followed by the interval, and finally the unit.  In this case the number of repetitions is 12, the interval is 1 month. The letters "d" could be used for days and "y" for years.

Again, either ending value or yield must be known.